Rick Ross Headed to the Big Screen

Rick Ross is headed to the big screen as he joined the cast of Coming 2 America, a heavily awaited sequel to the original comedy released in 1988. It was announced earlier in the year that a part two to the comedy and was in fact in the works, when announced by Eddie Murphy. To join the cast with Ross includes Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Paul Bates, and James Earl Jones, who are all reprising their former roles. Wesley Snipes and “SNL’s” Leslie Jones have also been added as new cast members, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The original film saw Murphy play Prince Akeem, a spoiled prince from the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who arrives in Queens, New York, and in undercover fashion gets a job at a McDonald’s knockoff while trying to find a wife. The new story sees Prince Akeem returning to America in hopes to find his long-lost son. Ross’s role in the film has not been revealed. Read more on this film here.

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