Breland Teases ‘Country-Twerk’ Song Featuring Keith Urban

Breland teased a new song, featuring Keith Urban, during the CMA Summer Stay-Cay livestream on Wednesday (July 1) and said it will be out this year.

Breland labeled the track a “Country-Twerk” song and described it as one that he hasn’t seen much before.

During the CMA Summer Stay-Cay, presented by Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold, there was a Zoom conference featuring Breland, Lauren Alaina, Devin Dawson and Hardy.

When Dawson asked Breland, “How was your write with Keith Urban?” Breland responded, “Oh, it was great. He’s gonna be on my next joint, I’m really excited about it.”

“Getting Keith on a track that says that is pretty exciting,” he added. “It’s a Country-twerk song,” Breland explained and teased a lyric, “Drop it low you can blame it on the jack.”

In May, Breland released a self-titled EP, that contains “My Truck,” a collaboration with Sam Hunt. The record also features “In the Woulds,” a collaboration with Alaina and Chase Rice.