Rihanna, Jay-Z & More Join Call For Justice For Danroy Henry

Danroy “DJ” Henry

Rihanna, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, and others have asked the Department of Justice to re-examine the killing of Danroy “DJ” Henry, a black student at Pace University who was shot dead by a white police officer in 2010.

In a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, the group has asked the Department of Justice to reevaluate whether racial discrimination was the reason behind Henry’s death.

“If it did… deliver the justice that restores this young man’s reputation, while giving hope to other young Black men who are just like him and desperate for change,” the letter says.

On October 17, 2010, police were called to respond to a fight outside a Westchester County sports bar where Henry, a 20-year-old college football player, was out celebrating with his teammates.

According to news reports, Henry was unarmed and in his car when officer Aaron Hess approached him. Hess claims that Henry sped towards the officer in his car, at which point Hess shot Henry.

Henry’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Hess and another officer, alleging that they pulled Henry from the car, handcuffed him and left him on the ground to bleed to death.