Alicia Keys Performs New Song ‘Love Looks Better’ At NFL Kickoff

Alicia Keys delivered a socially-distance performance of her new song, “Love Looks Better,” during the NFL’s Kickoff event for its 2020 season on Thursday.

“I think we got so busy, so used to flying so fast that we forgot. We forgot to look at each other, we forgot to stay with each other, listen to each other,” Keys said as she prepared to play the song with a five-piece band that included two backup singers.

She added, “We forgot that my love looks better on you. So tonight, let’s make sure we take the time to remember.”

Keys performed in front a big screen showing images of unity and support for the Black community as well as landmark moments like the moon landing.

“Can we talk for a minute?/Stop for a minute?/All I wanna do is you,” she sang in the chorus. “Oh, can we touch for a second?/Be us for a second?/No matter what I give it to/My love looks better on you.”

Ahead of the performance, Keys revealed she is teaming up with the NFL to launch a $1 billion endowment fund aimed at supporting Black businesses and communities.