Check Out The Socially Distanced Promo For Season 19 Of ‘The Voice’

Ahead of the season 19 premiere of NBC‘s “The Voice” on October 19, a humorous new promo shows how coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani intend to maintain social distancing.

The clip shows the coaches sitting in their famous red chairs, which a report from People says are now situated eight feet apart.

“Blake and I have been quarantining together this entire time,” Stefani says, leading Legend to quip, “Wow, I’m sorry Gwen.”

The promo later shows Stefani trying to reward a contestant by launching a t-shirt at him with a t-shirt cannon.

“I got a present for you but because we’re social distancing, I’m going to launch it at you. You ready?” Stefani says.

When the attempt fails, Shelton provides a different solution by handing off the shirt using a long pole with a glove at the end.