Stevie Wonder Tearfully Discuss Breonna Taylor, Trump, And More In New Video

Deeply troubled about the state of affairs in the U.S., Stevie Wonder released a powerful YouTube video statement on Wednesday, airing his views on the death of Breonna Taylor, protests against the brutal killing of George Floyd and the Trump administration’s handling of these sensitive issues.

The seven-minute video was dropped just hours after a decision by a grand jury in Kentucky, which did not specifically charge any police officer for the killing of Taylor.

Louisville city officials announced last week that Taylor’s family will get a $12 million settlement.

“No amount of money has ever brought a life back. Ask yourself, ‘Why so long for Breonna Taylor?’” the iconic singer-songwriter said.

Referring to President Donald Trump‘s “losers and suckers” comments about dead soldiers, the septuagenarian artist said, “Why would we accept anyone calling a fallen soldier anything less than the ultimate hero? Why can’t we hear love – the greater truth – as opposed to being consumed and bombarded by conspiracies and lies?.”

Wonder urged his fans to vote this Election Day, saying, “We just can’t put November in the hands of fate, but we can put it in our hands.”