Bebe Rexha Drops ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’ Featuring Doja Cat

Bebe Rexha has dropped a new single, “Baby, I’m Jealous,” featuring Doja Cat.

“Baby, I’m jealous/Of the pictures that you like,” Rexha sings in the chorus. “Baby, I’m jealous/Of the girls with lighter eyes/Baby, I’m jealous/And I know that ain’t right.”

“‘Baby, I’m Jealous’ is a song I wrote about embracing my insecurities,” Rexha told Complex. “It’s about the way social media has heightened my jealousy which can affect how I feel about myself.”

“We are constantly flooded with the highlights of other people’s lives, and at times I find myself comparing my worth and beauty to others,” she added. “It’s part of the human process to experience jealousy-ultimately, this is an anthem to embrace those feelings as a form of empowerment.”

“Baby, I’m a bad bitch/If he fiendin’ he’ll prolly get a catfish,” Doja raps. “Keep him dreamin’ to pull up on a nap, shit/I don’t even be askin’ him, who dat chick?”

The song is Rexha’s first new music of this year and a follow-up to last year’s “You Can’t Stop the Girl.” She has been working on the follow-up to her debut studio album, 2018’s Expectations.

Meanwhile, Doja, who dropped her second studio album Hot Pink back last year, is set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on October 14.