Juice WRLD’s mother opens up about her son’s death

Juice WRLD’s mother sits down in her very first interview after her son’s untimely death.

On Monday (Oct. 27), Carmela Wallace, conducted an interview with ABC 7 Chicago, about her son’s cause of death and about the launching of the LiveFree999.org website. Wallace opened up by saying “it was devastating, but one thing I decided early on was, I was not going to hide the fact that he died from a drug overdose.”

Wanting her son’s death to be a lesson for others, Carmela Wallace said, she did not want to keep this a secret because “a lot of people deal with that every day.” Juice Wrld died, December 8, 2019, at the age of 21, due to a seizure, caused by an oxycodone and codeine overdose.

Wallace is advancing the Juice WRLD brand by starting the Live Free 999 Foundation. This organization helps younger people dealing with mental health and drug addiction. This follows after Carmela received endless emails of fans reaching out to her, telling their stories of depression and drug addiction, and how Juice WRLD’s lyrics and story helped them.

That’s our objective with our foundation, Normalize the conversation, so it has to start with me,” she also added. “I hope it’s what he wanted, the legacy of healing. To let people know that you don’t have to suffer alone.”

Mental health is something that’s not really talked about in the Black community, Carmela Wallace is that voice for those who are afraid to speak or tell their story. Since the launching of the Live Free 999 Foundation, it has donated new musical instruments to Juice World’s former high school in Chicago Heights.

Juice WRLD has an everlasting impact within the realm of hip-hop. After his death, notable rappers and musicians began to speak out about drug addiction and mental health.