Travis Scott Reportedly Made About $20M Working With McDonald’s

It’s no secret that Travis Scott’s brand partnership with McDonald’s was a highly lucrative success. Not only did individual stores across the country actually run out of ingredients for Quarter Pounders, prompting the company to change the ordering process, but the sales also helped lift the fast-food giant out of a pandemic induced slump.

Travis’s somewhat bizarre merch collections also sold-out in short order, driven by the popularity of one of the biggest entertainers in music today. Now, thanks to Forbes, we have a better idea of how much the deal made for Travis, along with similar ones with other brands.

As part of Forbes extended 30 Under 30 coverage, a feature focusing on Travis and his successful ventures turned up some eye-popping numbers for each of his deals with McDonald’s, Nike, and Sony PlayStation. According to Forbes, McDonald’s paid Travis at least $5 million for the initial endorsement deal, while the Houston rapper reportedly grossed $15 million from the merch sales. Travis’s partnership with Nike is estimated to bring him around $10 million a year, while the article notes that the increased cultural cachet is incalculable and invaluable in netting new partnerships.