Cardi B Tweeted About Wanting to Buy a $88K Purse and People Shamed Her

Cardi B is the kind of star who loves to tweet out her thoughts, stream of conscious. It’s part of what makes following her so much fun, and part of why she’s constantly involved in ongoing, public conversations about her own life. Well, one such conversation was triggered today by her casually tweeting about a designer bag she’d like to buy, even though it costs close to $90,000.

Now, in a time when a lot of people are struggling financially, it’s easy to see how this tweet could rub people the wrong way. But it’s also clear that Cardi isn’t really the correct target for ire when it comes to how wealthy people behave. She’s given back over $2 million of her own money to those who are in need, as she points out during her clapback to the backlash over the initial tweet.

“Donate 88k to a charity for people that need help right now….u know the people that buy your music to perhaps get thru these shitty time’s…idk jus sayin….,” one Twitter user responded. She pointed out in response to his comment that she’s done quite a bit already.

You can see the purse in question HERE.