QUEER EYE Star Karamo Brown Wants to Empower Bald People

“Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown gets dozens of Instagram DMs from men and women who are balding — and wants them to own it.

“We live in a society that tells you if you don’t look a certain way that you’re not worthy of love, you’re not worthy of so many different things. And we all fall victim to those pressures, all of us, every single one of us,” the 40-year-old culture expert told Page Six Style while promoting his upcoming Holiday Spectacular event.

He added that one of the things he loves about his Netflix series is that the Fab Five won’t try to change anyone unless they want to change.

Using the show’s grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness as an example, Brown said, “If they love their beard, he doesn’t say, ‘Chop off your beard.’ He allows them to own what they want.”

“We try to help people to own their bodies as best as we can. None of us are perfect,” the star continued. “So many people feel insecure … and it’s just like, you can go on that journey, you can start that journey to loving yourself authentically.”

Earlier this year, Brown co-founded MANTL, a skincare and grooming line for bald and balding men, but has found that women have also been using the products.

“It’s really a facial cleanser, moisturizer and a clear SPF, which is probably the most amazing thing ever,” he said. “People have been like, ‘Oh, this is not just for men, this is for everyone,’ and it’s sort of taken off.’”

Karamo’s Holiday Spectacular, presented by Zelle, will be on Instagram Live on Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. ET. The “Queer Eye” star will be giving away $25,000 to three people who paid it forward during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything that I’m trying to do is just trying to give back and help as much as I can with my platform,” he told us. “Even in our hardest moments, we all have a little bit of a capacity to give to someone else.”